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Answer 1 of 20: Heading for Vegas next week and this morning had a discussion with my sister about tipping casino hosts. This means joining the.

You may even book a harbour cruise so that you can observe the show from the water. And if so, should you tip a casino host and how much?

The Do’ s and Don’ ts of Do You Tip Your Casino Host Everyone that has been on a cruise ship knows that speed isn’ t a desirable quality. Normally if a person plays slots for sereval hours a day during their trip, they would get a casino host.

Do u tip casino hosts. A lot of customers won’ t do it face to face because they’ re cowards and they know that if they piss us off, we won.

You then get their name and tell them you look forward to meeting them upon arrival. Would be interested in finding out what you do, if anything.

Confessions of a casino host: Tales of high rollers, comps and hookers. What is a Las Vegas Casino host?

: Every casino has their “ criteria” to get assigned a casino host. In most cases, you can qualify for casino rate up front.

What exactly do they do and do I need one? She thinks that money is appropriate rather than a gift.

Do u tip casino hosts. Recently tried to tip the hosts of the Pearl $ 300 by enclosing it in an envelope with a thank you note - on the last day do the cruise.

Find the answers to these important questions in our guide to Las Vegas Casino Hosts. The casino host hosts can usually book the room at that time.

Re: Casino Host - Do you tip them? Do u tip casino hosts.

Sep 18,, 7: 53 PM I have a excellent host at TI and we always get him a good bottle of wine or a wine bottle set with glasses. Las Vegas discussion forum - Is it appropriate to tip a Casino Host?

LVJ: As a player, how do i get assigned a Casino host? The most important thing you must do before dealing with a host in the casino is to make sure your play is getting rated.

Re: Casino Host - Do you tip them? Hosts are paid a commission on your wagering, have no doubt they hosts are not your friend and extend only those comps they feel they can " cover".

What would be a hosts minimum amount to gamble a day to get noticed by a host? I was told the same thing BUT they did tell me that they could use it for their upcoming cruise casino staff upcoming party - to which I heatedly agreed was fine with me.

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